Interior Window Cleaning

While interior windows are the ones most often see, they often go unnoticed when dust and dirt accumulate on window panes and in the sills and tracks.  This build up slowly reduces the amount of natural light coming in and dims the view you have looking out. 616 Window Cleaning can give you a clear view to the world outside your windows.  

When our window cleaning professionals arrive at their scheduled time, the first thing they will do is care for your home by wearing protective shoe covering and use rugs and towels to protect floors and walls.  They will also take great care in moving furniture and other items out of the way. Your windows will be cleaned by hand scrubbing and squeegee drying. The edges and window frames will be wiped clean. If screen cleaning was also arranged, they will be removed, cleaned, allowed to dry and placed back in the window.   The crew leader will make a final inspection and then let you know he is done.  

We encourage you to walk through your home, and check out his work.  If you see anything you feel needs to be addressed, now is the perfect time to do so.  Of course, if you find something that requires attention after our crew leaves, please call us.  Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

We promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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