House Washing

Over time the exterior of your home may begin to look dirty or you may see mildew and algae growing in areas as well as spider webs and other matter left behind by insects. The professionals at 616 Window Cleaning can get the exterior of your home looking great again. After performing a complete inspection of the exterior of your home we will cover and protect plants before beginning the soft wash process. Soft washing will not damage siding or force water around windows or under siding, which could lead to potential mold growth inside your walls. Not only does a clean exterior help a home maintain curb appeal, it increases the life of your siding.

Pressure Washing Vs Soft Washing

Pressure Washing (power washing) is using a high-pressure water spray to remove mold, dirt, paint and many other substances from surfaces such as buildings, homes and concrete.  Cleaning agents and solutions may be incorporated to enhance and deliver the best results. Pressure washing is reserved only for those surfaces which can withstand the high pressure. Some cement and brick surfaces are not the candidate for this type of wash. The professionals at 616 Window Cleaning will determine if this method should be used at your home or commercial building.

Soft Washing is similar to pressure washing because they both use pressurized water.  However, with soft washing, a special, low pressure pump is used along with custom blended solutions applied to the surface.  With soft washing, the solutions are doing all the work, along with any required hand scrubbing. After the cleaning solution is applied, it is allowed to remain on the surface for a specific amount of time, giving the cleaners a chance to seep into cracks and crevices, and breaking the bond on dirt and killing algae, bacteria and other contaminants.  The surface is then rinsed with our low-pressure pump. Your home or business is not only clean, it is free from any damage pressure washing can cause.

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