Gutter Cleaning

For most homeowners, cleaning gutters and downspouts is the least favorite home maintenance job to perform.  It is time consuming and climbing on ladders can be dangerous. Yet, if left undone, gutters and downspouts become clogged with plant and tree debris, twigs, and pine needles in spring and summer as well as leaves, acorns and other tree nuts in the fall.  This build up can cause expensive damage if left alone. Regular gutter cleaning can prevent the following:

  • Water backup can cause unwanted ice buildup, damaging shingles.
  • Overflowing water damages landscaping, can lead to foundational cracks resulting in water in your basement, and water can be misdirected in winter over sidewalks and driveways, resulting in hazardous ice.
  • Standing water in gutters is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and attracts birds and rodents looking for a place to bath.
  • Gutters aren’t designed to carry the extra weight of heavy, wet leaves and debris build up each year.  Regular cleaning keeps your gutters in tip top shape and functioning for many years.

Cleaning gutters can be time consuming and dangerous so let the professionals at 616 Window Cleaning take the hassle away, leaving you with clean, free-flowing gutters and downspouts.  

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