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When it comes to home maintenance, there are many things you can do to help extend the useful life of the exterior parts of your home. Whether it’s cleaning, painting, re-staining, or making sure windows are regularly cleaned, they can all go a long way in extending the time between repairs or replacement.

Window cleaning can be tough without the right tools and can be impossible if you don’t have a ladder or some other way to clean exterior windows that are high up, but it can be quite dangerous if you’re using a ladder and trying to scrub tough water spots. The better choice would be to hire experts that use extending poles, proven detergents, and technicians that are trained in the proper techniques of cleaning high up windows from the ground.

Hiring the window cleaning pros at 616 Window Cleaning in Cascade is one way of avoiding the following mistakes:

Using the Wrong Tools

This one is significant if you’re planning on having a go at window cleaning yourself. Often homeowners will get mixed results. Having to spend more time cleaning is one thing, but sometimes disaster can occur if a homeowner has watched a DIY video and decided to try something unusual, like steel wool, or a mixture of cleaning agents. Potential injury is another risk. Using a ladder that is not secured in some way or hanging out of one window to clean another are recipes for disaster.

To avoid streaks and potential catastrophe, you should rely on the experts to clean your windows. At 616 Window Cleaning we use special detergents that are gentle on glass and paint but will easily lift dirt away so that it can be rinsed or squeegeed away. Hiring 616 Window Cleaning is the best way to ensure your windows are streak free and cleaned safely and properly. The people of Cascade and the surrounding areas have trusted us for many years for all their window washing needs.


Overspending on the Project

If you’ve already started your window washing project and are not satisfied, you will have lost out on the investment you’ve made on supplies, plus your time that you’ve spent. In this case, it is always better to let 616 Window Cleaning experts in Cascade handle this task for you.


Wasting Your Time

Speaking of time, how much is yours worth? What if 616 Window Cleaning could wash all your windows while you were at work? It would be great to come home to sparkling clean, crystal-clear windows. What might take a homeowner all day might take us an hour or two because we have already invested in the tools and training required to ensure a smooth, quick, and safe way to wash windows.

Call 616 Window Cleaning in Cascade to get the job done quickly and effectively. We have the right tools, equipment, and expertise to ensure that your windows sparkle to perfection!


Looking Over the Details

Window tracks and sills are often forgotten, even though they’re integral to any window cleaning routine. They accumulate dust just as much as the rest of the glass does, but because you don’t usually look at them when you look outside, these areas are often missed. However, they can accumulate dirt which can hold in moisture, leaving you with mold or mildew in your sills. This can be very detrimental if your windows have wooden components. 616 Window Cleaning in Cascade recommend investing in a window cleaning company that offers the total package.


When it comes to window cleaning, a lot can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, we do! At 616 Window Cleaning we provide the best window cleaning services in the area, and we’d love to offer our expertise and premier quality services to you.

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